A Fishing Story is a short documentary discussing the fishing practices of the Guna people, a Panamanian indigenous group inhabiting over 300 Caribbean islands. This film follows the fishermen of Guna Yala as they describe the trials, tribulations, hopes and joys of fishing in the Caribbean. It examines the fishing techniques used by Guna fishermen and the perceived sustainability of these techniques.


This film was made as a part of my independent research paper, A fishing story: Guna fishing practices and sustainability perceptions of nine fishermen on and around the islands of Porvenir, Nalunega and Masargandup in Guna Yala, Panamá, during my semester abroad in Panama.


This documentary was selected to show at the 2018 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York City and at the 2018 Capital City Black Film Festival in Austin, Texas where it placed third for best short documentary.


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A short film I created to document my time in Panama, done in a stop motion style.